Organizations generate a constant flow of information and documents and, for legal purposes or any other reason, it is essential to keep them organized. Companies need space, human resources, technology and qualified knowledge to do this task.

Moreover, bad management of documentation or a lack of policy related to this subject can trigger important problems such as lost information, slow research of information and an uncontrolled increase in document production.

The consequence is that there are more and more companies that decide to outsource their documents, offering them to companies specialized in their safe-keeping. These companies offer protection and accessibility of their information.

At C-DOC we have the infrastructure to guarantee maximum security measures and confidentiality (fire detection and prevention, protection and intrusion systems) and we also have action systematic protocols and control systems in order to protect the information.

C-DOC takes charge of the whole process:

  • Inventory and preparation of the documentation at the client’s facilities.
  • Transport of the documentation to the C-DOC safe-keeping facilities.
  • Location in the warehouse.
  • Integration of the information in the C-DOC intranet.

Through the intranet the C-DOC client can:

  • Consult the inventory 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Ask for delivery of documents.
  • Consult the document online.
  • Receive periodical reports about consultations.


Our management experience has also led us to manage other non-documented assets (marketing materials, promotions, products, furniture, hardware and other assets).


  • Space recovery. Possibility to use it for more productive purposes.

  • Increased productivity of staff assigned to archive.

  • Reduction of associated costs.

  • Solution to document location problems.

  • Greater speed in consultation time.

  • Save time to re-file.

  • Prevention of loss of documents.

  • Speed, security, but above all reliability in management, as this is done by specialized staff of C-DOC.

  • Integration into a computerized platform of solutions, products and services.

  • Continuous updating, through technological applications adapted to the needs of each company.

  • Computerized inventories.

  • Online file management and consultation.

  • Confidentiality.

  • Security against possible emergencies.


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