Nowadays modern technology allows us to work with digital files, offering many advantages that the outsourcing has already highlighted.

Why would you digitalize your documents ?

The digital document allows us to:

  • Keep the physical document in better condition.
  • Quickly recover the document.
  • Recover contents inside the document.
  • Easily consult the document.
  • Easily duplicate and distribute the document.
  • Record the document in computer storage media or servers.

When is it important to digitalize?

Digitalization is a very profitable process for documents that are frequently used. Moreover, it is also needed when the documents are to be integrated into the computer system of the company. It is also highly recommended in order to avoid handling the original documents, and to keep them in better condition.

Relating to the documents in hard copy format in safe-keeping at the C-DOC premises, the digitalization process makes it possible to consult the document through the online file with all the associated advantages: quick localization, immediate access, access control, access from afar, etc.

The added value of C-DOC

C-DOC digitalizes any kind of documents, from documents which require special care, to massive quantities of documents.

We associate the documents with information systems adapted to the client’s needs. We offer a wide range of services from recording of the information on CD-Rs to the creation of databases on servers or the integration of the documents in intranets.

At C-DOC we understand digitalization not only as a transformation process from physical objects to digital formats using technology but also as a process that adds value to the organization.

Digitalization process or massive data capture:

  • Project analysis. Individual study.
  • Selection of the most appropriate hardware and software.
  • Preparation of the documentation and Scanning.
  • Quality control.
  • Indexation.
  • Integration with document electronic management systems and with documental management systems.
  • Recording of the data in storage or systems.


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